Why Finland?

Land of fascinating contrasts

Land of fascinating contrasts

Finland, the land of peace and quiet, lakes and forests, snow and ice, sisu and sauna.

The land of fascinating contrasts, which include the famous four seasons, the Midnight Sun and the winter darkness, urban and rural, hot sauna and ice-cold ice swimming.

Trust us, you'll want to be a witness to all of our four seasons, since they are all truly unique. There is a beautiful, lush summer with astonishing midnight sun; colourful, crisp autumn; a perfectly white winter wonderland, and finally -  light's promise and nature's awakening: the spring.

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High quality education

High quality education

In international rankings of education systems, the Finnish system is TOP of the class! It was ranked best in the world in 2012 (the Learning Curve, Pearsons).

Finnish higher educational institutions are mainly funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture, and the quality of teaching is overseen carefully. Higher education institutions react to the needs of the society, business and industry in their curricula and teaching.

A lot of effort is put into study counselling, and students are guided through their studies by teachers, tutors and student counsellors. The high standard of educational facilities and learning environments support student motivation and the effectiveness of the study process.

The quality control systems of Finnish higher education institutions are audited regularly by The Finnish Education Evaluation Centre.


The best in the world?

The best in the world?

In international country comparisons of positive things Finland is often among the top countries next to other Nordic countries.

Finland became an independent state on 6 December 1917. The Finnish people have for almost a hundred years engaged in the building of their country and making decisions together.

Did you know that Finland is the best in the world? Don't trust our word - see for yourself: Statistics Finland


More videos on the VisitFinland YouTube channel.
More videos on the VisitFinland YouTube channel.
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Why TAMK and Tampere?

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Tampere – city of students

Tampere is home to almost 40 000 higher education students; you will find here a lively, multi-faceted culture, with music, art and museums to suit all tastes.

Tampere is an industrial city, with a population something over 200 000. Located 170 km north of the Finnish coastal capital, Helsinki, it is also the largest inland city in the whole Nordic region. But Tampere still has plenty of water - the city lies on a narrow isthmus between two large lakes.

There are many things worth seeing in Tampere: breathtaking lake scenery, gorgeous parks and verdant forests, all of which are located in and around the very centre of the city. Tampere has a vibrant nightlife and is also a fun city, which is proven by the fact that it's the most attractive city  in Finland for students. But then again, who could resist the unique combination of nature, nightlife, sport and culture?

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Very good international student satisfaction

Scandinavian countries scored exceptionally well on international student satisfaction survey made by StudyPortals in 2016. The survey established how international students value European higher education. Tampere University of Applied Sciences was ranked among the top ten Finnish higher education institutions.

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Very good international student satisfaction

Studying & Living:

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