Providing practical training places is an easy and safe way for employers to recruit new staff for fixed-term duties. Students on bachelor's degree programmes must earn a minimum of 30 credits for practical training, which corresponds to about 5 months of full-time work in the professional field that they are aiming to enter after graduation.

Hiring a trainee benefits the employer in many ways. The trainee brings the latest knowledge of the field, language skills, IT skills, as well as new ideas. The employer receives competent employees at reasonable cost for short-term projects, and gets to know their potential as future employees.

The field-specific practical training is an important part of every degree programme at TAMK; it is essential to students' professional growth and career development. The objective of the practical training is to familiarize the student with key practical work tasks related to his/her professional field, and develop the student's professional competence and ability to apply their knowledge and skills in working life.

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Employers can offer practical training places through the free Jobstep service for all universities of applied sciences in Finland.

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Y-makers is a free employment service. Employers can submit their job advertisements on the site.


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