Practical training abroad gives you the opportunity to get to know the working culture of a different country, to create new contacts, and to broaden your perspective on what your future job might involve.

Practical training offers a structured introduction to the practicalities of working life, and an opportunity to apply to real professional tasks the knowledge and skills acquired through study. 

How to apply

Trainee exchange has no specific application period, except for the field of Health Care (Nursing, Physiotherapy, Biomedical Laboratory Science, and Radiography and Radiotherapy), where students should follow the same procedures as for student exchange. It would be considerate, however, to make the arrangements for your practical training in Tampere at least 3 months in advance.

It may be possible for the students of our foreign partner institutions to complete their practical training in companies or public organizations in Finland. Because of the close ties which TAMK has with companies and organizations in the Tampere Region, we warmly welcome foreign students to do their practical training with us. At the moment, Trainee Exchange is mainly possible in the field of Health Care.

More information on Trainee Exchange in Finland can be found on the website of the Centre for International Mobility (CIMO).

Detailed instructions for applicants >

All students applying to TAMK as Exchange Trainees must follow these two steps:


Exchange students should first get approval from their home university for their planned exchange.

All applicants must be officially nominated by their home university. The nomination must include the following information for each student:

  • Erasmus code of the sending university
  • Last name
  • Given name(s)
  • Date of birth (
  • Gender
  • Email
  • Duration of exchange (mm.yyyy - mm.yyyy)
  • EU subject area at the sending university
  • EU subject area at TAMK


After TAMK has received the nomination from your home university, you will receive further instructions on how to fill in your application and download the required documents online. TAMK uses the SoleMOVE online mobility programme for receiving the applications.

Please note that TAMK does not accept applications sent by post!

The application deadline for exhange trainees in Health Care for the Autumn Semester 2019: 15 April 2019.

The nomination deadline is two weeks before the application deadline.

When filling in your application (after the nomination), you will need to download the following application documents (in English):

  • Your photo
  • Motivation Letter (background, expectations for exchange etc. NB! Nursing/Physiotherapy students should also tell about their previous placements.)
  • CV (free format)
  • Transcript of Records (showing your course grades from your home university, in English)
  • TAMK English Language Skills Form (pdf) (If education in the home university is not given in English. Other equivalent proof of English language competency is also acceptable.)
  • Training Agreement
  • TAMK Vaccination Form (pdf) (NOTE! This is mandatory for students applying for Biomedical Laboratory Science, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Radiography and Radiotherapy and Social Services (training) Programmes.)

NOTE! The following students must also send certain health test results after they have been accepted as exchange trainees at TAMK: 

Biomedical Laboratory Science, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Radiography and Radiotherapy, Social Services (training):
Students must send max. 30 days old negative MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) test result at least 1 week before arrival by email, fax or post. The test swabs must be taken from the nose AND throat (and possible other infected areas). The results should be clearly stated in English!

Biomedical Laboratory Science, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Radiography and Radiotherapy, Social Services (training): Students who come from Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Ecuador, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mozambique, Namibia, Nepal, Romania, Russia, South Korea, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda and Vietnam, must also send max. 6 months old doctor's statement on an X-Ray Thorax at least 1 week before arrival. The statement must be clearly expressed in English!

Hospitality Management, Maternity and Neonatal training:
Students taking culinary courses from the Hospitality degree programme, or doing practical training in the fields of Maternity and Neonatal care must send max. 30 days old negative Salmonella test result at least 1 week before arrival, by e-mail, fax or post. The results should be clearly stated in English!

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Finnish language courses >

TAMK organizes Finnish language and culture studies. During the semester, incoming exchange students and trainees have a possibility to study Finnish. They can also participate in language courses organized in cooperation with the other higher education institutions in Tampere, through the Unipoli Tampere network. Finnish language studies are highly recommended for all incoming participants in mobility programmes, to ensure their smooth integration into Finnish society.

Instructions for accepted exchange students, trainees, double and joint degree students >
After both your home university and TAMK have approved your exchange, you will receive an official confirmation letter and an information package from TAMK. Start arranging practical matters for your exchange as soon as possible! Read the following instructions carefully: Practical Information before Departure for Incoming Exchange Students, Trainees, Double and Joint Degree Students.

Contact us

If you did not find answers to your questions on these pages, please contact TAMK's Incoming Students Office:

Marika Kyllönen
International Coordinator
International Services
+358 50 307 1409

Tarja Kononov
International Coordinator
International Services
+358 40 841 8847