Does the next step of your business development need some research or original experimentation? Commission a final thesis! The student will read up on the theory, conduct the research, and write up the whole process in the form of a thesis report.

Commissioning a final thesis from a TAMK student is an excellent way to develop your business.  Every bachelor's degree programme at TAMK includes a bachelor's thesis worth 15 credits, which is equivalent to about 400 hours of student work. As the party commissioning the thesis, you propose the assignment based on the needs of your organization. Bachelor's theses may involve background research, planning, production, and development tasks.   

Every student is assigned a thesis supervisor to guide and supervise the thesis process. The student chooses a thesis topic arising from working life needs and related to his/her particular field of study.  The thesis topic must be approved by the student's supervisor. 

The Ministry of Education and Culture recommends that theses should be made public as soon as they have been approved for credit. The actual thesis report should not therefore include any business or professional secrets; confidential material should be included in appendices available only to the author and the organization which commissioned the work. This procedure aims at guaranteeing students' legal protection, and at the same time objective and equitable thesis assessment.

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You can see theses written by earlier graduates of TAMK and other universities of applied sciences via the Theseus portal.

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