Our competences

Technology and forestry form a backbone of Finnish economy and our school educates professionals for their needs. The school offers degree programmes in mechanical and vehicle engineering, electrical and automation engineering, ICT engineering, and forestry.

The common factors connecting all of the school's degree programmes are intelligent machines and systems. They combine demanding mechanics, energy and automation solutions, and information technology. Modern digitalization (internet of things) and digitalization of services are an important part of the degree programmes.

The forestry programme focuses on wood sourcing and forest machines. Our forestry students have been using a forest machine simulator for years for practising wood sourcing skills. Expertise in geographic information systems is another of our strengths.

Industrial engineering students can specialize in product development, mechanical automation, production engineering, intelligent machines, workshop engineering, power tool engineering, electric power engineering, automation engineering, software engineering, embedded systems, communications engineering, and forestry. We also have expertise in production economics, project management, and technological competence management. Specialization in aircraft technology is offered in cooperation with Tampere University of Technology.

Our school is responsible for teaching physics on all the engineering degree programmes at TAMK.  Our strengths in this area are online pedagogy, laboratory work for students, and demonstrations. Many of our teachers have a doctoral degree.

Our educational provision

•    Degree Programme in Vehicle Engineering
•    Degree Programme in Mechanical Engineering
•    Degree Programme in Forestry
•    Degree Programme in ICT Engineering
•    Degree Programme in Electrical and Automation Engineering
•    Master's Degree Programme in Automation Engineering
•    Master's Degree Programme in Strategic Leadership of Technology-Based Business
•    Master's Degree Programme in Information Technology (in English)

Working life cooperation

The university of applied sciences offers a strong pathway to working life. The studies include compulsory practical training and theses are mainly done for companies. We also do working life projects. Our students and staff are happy to participate in development projects.

Our laboratories and services are available to companies, for the purpose of designing and producing prototypes at different stages of the product development process. We have a range of equipment for the purpose and we also organize training in technology.

We collaborate with other educational institutions in the Tampere Region.

We are happy to arrange extension studies for customers' needs, in Finnish or English.

Contact us

Hannu Kivilinna
Director, School of Industrial Engineering
School of Industrial Engineering
+358 500 981118