Our competences

Students on the Degree Programme in Business Administration can choose to focus on Marketing and Sales, Financial Administration, Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Tourism, or Legal Expertise. Learning by doing, participation in projects, and teamwork develop the student's working life skills.

In the Degree Programme in Service Business, students learn to deliver services in a hospitable (customer-oriented?  See note) and cost-effective manner, whether in the field of international cuisine, catering or cleaning services.  They also learn to identify development needs in their own field.

Proakatemia is a unit specializing in entrepreneurship education. Students develop their entrepreneurship and business competence by creating so-called team enterprises, then developing and expanding the business operations of these enterprises. Learning is interwoven with work on projects for real customers, and with product development.

The Degree Programme in International Business prepares students to work in a multicultural environment.  Students select a study path from the following focus areas: marketing, supply chain management, financial management, project management, or tourism.  IB Graduates have basic practical competence in business administration, together with professional skills in their chosen focus area.    

Our educational provision

Cooperation with working life 

Cooperation with working life takes different forms on different degree programmes. 

At Proakatemia, we use practice-based learning methods to develop new generation leadership, and test team-learning tools.  Using these experiences, we offer our partners consulting services related to team organization and management, and participatory training.

The Degree Programme in International Business is constantly on the look-out for new cooperation projects, thesis topics, and practical training places, especially in SMEs which are in the process of internationalizing.  In 2014, the students on the International Business degree programme came from 30 different countries and spoke 21 different mother tongues.

Through our Catering Studio concept, we offer multifunctional and well-equipped kitchen, restaurant  and auditorium facilities and services to companies. In addition, teams of staff and students carry out service and product development projects for tourism and catering-sector enterprises, based on customers' needs.

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