The School of Art, Music and Media provides education for careers in fine art, music, media, and business information systems. The school offers degree programmes at both bachelor's and master's level. The school cooperates actively with working life and offers extensive RDI and consulting services.

The extent of the bachelor's degrees is 210 or 240 credits and the extent of the master's degrees 60 or 90 credits. The school has approximately 1,200 students at three campuses in Tampere: the main campus, Music Academy, and Mediapolis.


Master's degrees:

  • Master of Culture and Arts
  • Master of Business Administration

Bachelor's degrees:

  • Bachelor of Culture and Arts
  • Bachelor of Business Administration

Degree programmes

Degree Programme in Film and Television

  • filming (moving image and light)
  • editing (content editing, effects)
  • sound design (recording, postproduction of sound for all media and events)
  • production (project management in the media field, field-specific business competence)
  • screenwriting (story telling in all forms)

Degree Programme in Media and Arts (in English)

  • Interactive Media (user-interface design, visual design, animation, project management, programming, game production)
  • Music Production (production of commercial music)
  • Fine Art

Degree Programme in Fine Art (discontinued; final admissions in 2013)

  • photography (still photography and art film narrative)
  • community art, site-specific art (e.g. works for public facilities, performances, events)

Degree Programme in Music and Degree Programme in Music Pedagogy

  • instrument playing and singing
  • ensemble
  • choir and orchestra conducting
  • composition
  • music theory, history and technology
  • music pedagogy
  • music theatre​

Degree Programme in Business Information Systems

  • Game Production
  • Software Production
  • Web Services
  • Proakatemia

Master's Degree Programme in Media Production

Master's Degree Programme in Music

Master's Degree Programme in Screenwriting (in English)

Master's Degree Programme in Information System Competence

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