TAMK has a positive attitude towards scientific research and development studies which focus on its operations. It is good research practice for researchers to ask permission from any institution whose operations, students or staff they wish to study in their research, In accordance with this practice, TAMK, too, requires researchers to apply for a research permit. Applying for a research permit involves filling in a research permit form. A research plan approved by the thesis supervisor or the researcher in charge of the research project must be attached.

The research permit application and research plan should describe in detail: 

  • how the research data are to be collected at TAMK and
  • what TAMK's role is intended to be in the implementation of the research. 

When is a research permit from TAMK required?

For research and development

  1. which focuses on TAMK, on the education and/or services it provides, or on its students or staff. A permit to do research on TAMK's operations as a whole must be granted by TAMK's vice president in charge of development. Decisions concerning a field, school, degree programme or unit are made by the director or the person in charge.
  2. which requires members of TAMK's staff to use working time, (for example, to collect research data or material), or involves the use of TAMK's intranet news services or other resources.  For research projects that involve direct or indirect expenses for TAMK, the permit must be granted by the vice-president in charge of development or (if the expenses concern only one school), the director.
  3. which requires TAMK to provide personal data. In this case the permit must be granted by the vice-president in charge of development. 

Application for research permit

Research permits are primarily granted for scientific or thesis-related research which develops TAMK or the fields in which TAMK provides education . 

Email addresses are not given to outsiders. Requests to participate in a survey and associated links to a data-collection form or questionnaire are usually sent to students and/or staff through TAMK's intranet or via student associations (for example Tamko).

In cases where TAMK is asked to provide personal data on students or staff (e.g. name lists) for research purposes, TAMK will require, in addition to a research permit, a privacy policy statement covering the scientific research in question. TAMK may only grant a permit to conduct particular research, and provide contact information, where applicable. The decision on whether to participate in any given research project is made by each individual alone.

In processing and protecting personal data, the researcher has to commit him/herself to follow the provisions of the Personal Data Act; any research registers or databases containing personal data are to be deleted once the project is complete, or archived as required by the Personal Data Act.

The research permit can be revoked if the conditions under which the permit was granted are violated. In this case, the permit holder has to return all data supplied for the purposes of the research.

Where internal research projects are concerned, TAMK staff and students follow the applicable research guidelines given in Compass, and the thesis guidelines in the TAMK study guide.

NB: When filling application forms, save the forms first on your computer.

Research permit application (PDF, 306 KB)
File Description for Scientific Research (PDF, 100 KB)

To whom should you send your research permit application?

If the research concerns an individual school, field of study (for example School of Health Care and Social Services, which includes several degree programmes), degree programme, its operation or services, the research permit application is sent to the relevant director:

  • School of Art, Music and Media, Director Kai Salonen
  • School of Business and Services, Director Ari-Pekka Anttila
  • School of Construction and Environmental Engineering, Director Timo Parkkinen
  • School of Health Care and Social Services, Director Lea Yli-Koivisto
  • School of Industrial Engineering, Director Hannu Kivilinna
  • School of Vocational Teacher Education, Head of Teacher Education Pirjo Männynsalo
  • Higher Education Services, Director Aura Loikkanen

Email addresses: firstname.familyname(at)tuni.fi

Postal address: 
Tampere University of Applied Sciences 
Kuntokatu 3 
FI-33520 Tampere, Finland

If the research concerns TAMK as a whole, if its implementation requires working time or other TAMK resources, or if it requires TAMK to supply contact information, the permit application, research plan, and privacy policy statement covering the scientific research should first be sent to this address: 

TAMK / Development Unit, kehittamisyksikko.tamk(at)tuni.fi

Granting of research permit and notifying the applicant 

An application for a research permit is handled by the person at TAMK who is responsible for those operations targeted by the research project covered by the application.  If the research permit is granted, the school, unit or degree programme concerned will notify the applicant, and contribute to the implementation and documentation of the research and development project in the manner agreed on with the research permit holder(s), as stated in the research permit decision.

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