Employers! Why not offer practical training places, part-time work or a special project to TAMK students. In return, you will get competent workers with fresh ideas and new ways of looking at things. And when your organization needs new full-time employees in the future, there will be a group of fresh graduates who are already familiar with the operational culture of your work community and ready to work.

TAMK has about 10,000 students in the fields of technology, culture, business administration, business information systems, tourism and catering, natural resources and the environment, and health care and social services. You can benefit from the competence of these future professionals in many ways.

We will help you in all matters related to student recruitment or having a student trainee in your organization.  Perhaps you would like to participate in an "Introducing working life" event at TAMK, where you can present your organization directly to students. Please contact us and let's think how to find the best persons for your business.

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