The VET Teachers for the Future – Professional Development Certificate is a continuing education programme for higher education and vocational teachers.

It is competence-based and multidisciplinary by nature, and always tailored for teachers of various subject fields who wish to learn how to combine theory and practice in teaching their own field of expertise. The latest research results and best practices of the global benchmark, which is the Finnish VET and professional education, are tested and contextualised to meet the needs in various countries and home institutions.

Participant requirements

The programme is available for groups of a minimum 40 participants upon request. The programme is especially tailored to meet the requirements of several international funds and scholarship programmes. The minimum individual requirements are: bachelor degree or higher and a minimum IELTS language level 5 in English.

Focus of the programme

The programme is applied in nature and combines teaching and learning in projects, teaching in English and subject-specific project skills. The focus of the programme is competence-based, student-centered pedagogy and learning in the world of work.

Structure of the programme

30 cr
Place:TAMK Main Campus, Tampere 
Category: Vocational and Higher Teacher Education

The programme is organized in partnership with three Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences to provide a wide coverage of multidisciplinary learning projects and experts. The ten-month programme is divided into two parts. During the study months in Finland, the participants study in HAMK or TAMK  learning environments depending on their field of expertise.

The programme provides both practical, hands-on experiences, as well as theoretical insight into the
core components of applied learning. The second phase of the programme concentrates on the practical application of the newly learned methods in the local learning environments. 

Each participant produces a development plan in collaboration and under the guidance of our Finnish experts, and in cooperation with the home institution. The practical part of the development plan is then implemented in the participant's country of origin. Guidance is provided using modern e-learning methods, and there is a final contact seminar. 

The participants are awarded 30 credit points ECTS certificate on level seven Bologna frame of reference.
The participants are given guidance and counselling starting from the application period, and are fully supported while living in Finland.

Language of teaching and learning

Language of teaching and learning is English.


Welcome to study in the VET Teachers for the Future programme! In this video, you can meet some staff members and teachers of the programme, and hear about the experiences of some previous students.

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