At TAMK Global Education, we take pride in meeting - and even exceeding - the expectations of our students and partners. Take a look at what people have said about the courses and services that TAMK Global Education provides.

Sônia Leites, Brazil

"TAMK's "21st Century Educators" meant a lot of reflection on my own practice, challenges to change and innovate, dealing with the most modern educational concepts, strategies, ideas. The course has been an invaluable opportunity to learn, share and interact with lots of great professionals who also seek learning/teaching improvement".

Donna Lawson, UAE

"The PGCTHE interlaces pedagogical theory and practice presenting a fresh perspective on the role of the teacher / facilitator on student engagement in the 21st Century. The course facilitators are knowledgeable, flexible and supportive. I would highly recommended it!"

Manal Emam, UAE

"Taking the PGCTHE course was one of the most challenging and fulfilling experience I have ever had. I devoted loads of time to complete all the tasks, projects and blogs required for each module. I came to work with great people in team work. Personally I have benefited a lot from the well-combined program for both my postgraduate studies and professional work. I strongly recommend the PGCTHE to anyone considering teaching as it will equip them with the necessary skills which are relevant in many classroom contexts".

Cibelle Lima, Brazil

"Amazing! It is an excellent distance post-graduation in every detail: contents, literacies, strategies and with a great mediator. Beyond the academic knowledge, the course contributes on my practices helping me to (re)think and (re)create a much more modern Education. Congratulations TAMK!"

Adnan Hila, UAE

"The PGCTHE allowed me to explore new and different strategies in my teaching. I was able to apply many new methods in teaching and assessing my students. I think I made the right decision when I joined the PGCTHE program simply because what I gained was worth the time and effort".

AmtusSalam, UAE

"This PGCTHE course elevated my teaching & learning and brought me to a higher level of teaching. It opened the window to contemporary education and let in a breeze of innovative ideas which I implemented in my classroom. Benefiting all levels of education (elementary to higher), this course is designed for all those who want to be good 21st century educators".