Our portfolio consists of various customized courses, workshops and even larger-scale programmes. Take a look at what we have done so far and let us know how we could be of most benefit to you.

VET Teachers for the Future: Brazil 1–2

Professional Development Certificate for Brazilian higher education and vocational teachers. Tampere, Finland, 2014–2015.

International Fairs and Conferences

Participation in international fairs and conferences.

Project Management and Innovation Camp

Summer camp on project management and innovation for Omani students. Tampere, Finland 2013–2014.

Coaching Week

Coaching Week for Lithuanian teachers. Lithuania, 2013.

21st Century Educators Certificate

A pedagogical qualification training program for in-service teaching faculty. Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2011–2013.

Engineering Skills and Laboratory Camp

Engineering skills and laboratory work summer camp for Omani students. Tampere, Finland, 2012.


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Why TAMK and Finland?

Why TAMK and Finland?

Land of fascinating contrasts: Finland, the land of peace and quiet, lakes and forests, midnight sun and winter darkness, hot sauna and ice-cold ice swimming.

High quality education: In international rankings of education systems, the Finnish system is TOP of the class!

A popular UAS in a great city: Tampere is the most attractive city in Finland for students, and TAMK has kept its place as the most popular Finnish university of applied sciences for many years.

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