TAMK Global Education provides high quality vocational and higher education services. As a part of the commercial operations of TAMK we work with partners to develop education worldwide. We believe that education is the key to a better world for all.

What differentiates TAMK from traditional universities, is that our programmes are based on a foundation of applied research and practical real world application. Strong partnerships with community and business form the core of our operations.

In order to graduate all TAMK's students undertake practical training and their final thesis is done in cooperation with business and industry to solve an authentic problem. Global Education adopts this approach in the design and development of its services.


We at TAMK Global Education are experts on the world-renowned Finnish education system. At many conferences around the world, we have shared the story of Finland's extraordinary success in educational matters with people interested in replicating it elsewhere. The good news is - the keys to our success can be duplicated!

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Our vast experience and proven expertise in educational matters is at the disposal of education providers, managers and developers on a consultancy basis – world-wide.

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Extension studies:

Expand your competence with extension studies while networking with other professionals. We also offer labour policy education to promote employment. Read more on our Extension Studies pages.

Degree studies:

Are you interested in English-medium bachelor's or master's degree programmes? Read more on our Degrees in English pages.

Why TAMK and Finland?

Why TAMK and Finland?

Land of fascinating contrasts: Finland, the land of peace and quiet, lakes and forests, midnight sun and winter darkness, hot sauna and ice-cold ice swimming.

High quality education: In international rankings of education systems, the Finnish system is TOP of the class!

A popular UAS in a great city: Tampere is the most attractive city in Finland for students, and TAMK has kept its place as the most popular Finnish university of applied sciences for many years.

Find more good reasons to make your way to TAMK, Tampere and Finland!