Double degrees

In a double degree programme, a student completes part of his/her studies at a foreign partner university. After graduating, he/she gets two diplomas - one from TAMK and the other from the partner university.   Students wishing to get a double degree must apply for the programme, usually in their second year of study.

Bachelor's double degree agreements of TAMK:

Entering TAMK as a Double Degree student:

Every year, students from the partner universities with which TAMK has a Double Degree agreement come to TAMK to complete part of their studies with us.  Double degree students go through the same application process as normal Exchange Students (follow the instructions here). After arrival at TAMK, they have the same status as a TAMK degree student.

Joint degrees

A joint degree is one where the degree programme is developed and run by two or more universities working in collaboration. A joint degree programme usually leads to one degree certificate, awarded by the university where the student is registered.

Entering TAMK as a Joint Degree Student:

In-coming joint degree students go through the same application process as Exchange Students (follow the instructions here). They have the same status as normal exchange students during their stay at TAMK.

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