Are you searching for an expert in a particular field to join a project? Do you need a development consultant? TAMK covers seven fields of study, so you can find at TAMK an expert on almost every topic. And if we don't have a person who meets your exact needs, we will surely know where to find one; we can use our extensive professional networks to help you find the right person for the job.

Our expertise

See TAMK's Schools and their fields of expertise. TAMK teachers are experts in their field, and have immense practical experience of working life. The directors of education in the Schools can help you to find a suitable expert.

Consulting services

The experts on our staff also work as business development consultants for particular commissions. The consultant's role and working methods, and the duration and costs of the work are defined separately for each commission. The consultants are persons with outstanding expertise in their own field; they are assigned to specific commissions on the basis of their knowledge of the field concerned.   Why not start by inviting a TAMK expert to your company to survey existing development needs.

Please contact us and request a quotation. If you are already a TAMK partner, please contact your key account person.

Training for companies

We offer training for work communities to enhance staff competence, well-being at work, and business profitability. If you cannot find from our regular courses a training programme that suits your needs, we will tailor the training for your organization.

Find a suitable training programme

Your staff can update their competence through TAMK extension studies. See our extension studies provision.

Tailor-made training

We can tailor training for your needs on any topic related to TAMK's fields of study. The length of the programme can be from a couple of hours to half a year, depending on the contents you want. Our most popular training programmes deal with crisis counselling, coaching, structured documentation, and work counselling.