An advanced partnership will facilitate deep, solid and mutually beneficial cooperation between TAMK and your organization. Our professionals can study your organization and its needs, and select the ideal solution from among TAMK's extensive range of services.

TAMK's multidisciplinary expertise is a good basis for organizational development. Cooperation with TAMK creates new business possibilities, especially at the interface of different fields and operations.  We also have partners from the public sector, with whom we collaborate on the development of operational models and processes.

Partnership services

Partnerships can include the following services:

  • Long-term partnership programme: The partnership contents are described in a partnership programme made together with the customer. The duration of the programme is 2-3 years. Implementation of the partnership programme is monitored and evaluated throughout the whole period. If necessary, the programme is updated at joint follow-up meetings which are held at regular intervals.
  • Student team: Your organization can take advantage of our multidisciplinary student teams, which can be tasked to implement development measures as a part of their studies. As a by-product of this cooperation, you will get to know the students in your team, and possibly find some new employees for your organization.
  • Key account person: Key account persons are TAMK teachers in various fields who have a special interest in partnership services.  We will appoint one of our key account teachers to be your contact person at TAMK ; he/she will cordinate the production, assembly and delivery of the service package .
  • Information services: You will have access to TAMK information services, where you can find, for example, market data and product information.
  • R&D&I funding: We will help your organization to apply for external R&D&I funding, especially fromTekes, the EU, Eurostars, and Eureka.
  • Rapid Prototyping®: Your organization's product or service idea will be developed into a prototype in a week. Possible further development can be agreed on separately (applying, for example, Stanford Research Institute's Five Disciplines of Innovation method).
  • TAMK Proacademy's 12-hour innovation service: Proacademy's teams will propose a solution to your problem.
  • TAMK Y-Campus: Entrepreneurship students will carry out a sales and marketing development project for your organization.
  • TAMK Innovation Services: We will assess the business prospects for your ideas and inventions, and recommend how to commercialize and develop them.
  • TAMK facilities: Your organization can use TAMK's facilities for customer events, staff training, and many other purposes. See TAMK facilities.

The list above shows just some of the services that we provide to our partners; it is by no means exhaustive. Come and talk to us about devising a partnership agreement uniquely adapted to your organization's needs.   

How to become a partner

This is the process for making an advanced partnership with TAMK: 

  • Preliminary negotiations are conducted.
  • The partnership agreement is made: the services which TAMK will deliver are determined, and the annual fees to be paid by the partner are agreed.
  • TAMK's key account person is appointed. The key account person keeps in touch with the partner and is in charge of organizing the agreed TAMK services.
  • A joint development programme is made for 2-3 years.

Join us

Become one of our partners! TAMK has dozens of advanced partnerships in different fields. 

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