Tampere3 Government Bill presented to Parliament

Tampere3 Government Bill presented to Parliament

The Government Bill enabling the formation of Tampere3 university group was presented to the Parliament on 8 June.

The Government Bill states as its goal the formation of an internationally esteemed university group in Tampere beneficial to the development of Finnish working life and society. The new university group would include a new university, formed through the merger of University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology, as well as Tampere University of Applied Sciences with the new university foundation as its majority shareholder.

On Thursday 8 June, the Government presented to the Parliament a bill proposing changes to the legislature on universities and universities of applied sciences as well as implementing the changes made to the Universities Act.

In addition to proposing the merger of UTA and TUT, the Government Bill includes changes to the legislation concerning all Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences to facilitate improved collaboration between institutions as well as a proposal to establish a three-year transition period for students in the event that degree programmes are discontinued or transferred.

The sections of the Government Bill concerning the merger of the universities is intended to come into force by 1 January 2019, and the other sections of the bill are to come into force as soon as possible. The merging universities would transfer their operations, staff, students, and assets to Tampere New University in the beginning of 2019.

Government press release (in Finnish):


Published 12.06.2017