TAMK enhances strategic focus area through regional health seminars

TAMK enhances strategic focus area through regional health seminars

During spring 2017, Tampere3 universities organised a series of afternoon seminars on health, health technology and wellbeing technology.

The first events, "Active and healthy ageing", "Health monitoring and personalised care" and "Personalised cancer care" are successfully over, but three more will be arranged in the autumn, kicking off in October. The purpose of these seminars remains the same: bringing together researchers, expertise and exciting ideas for the benefit of the healthcare sector in the Tampere region.

A statement included in TAMK's annual review showcases the need for regional university cooperation: "A good example of cooperation between institutes of higher education is the new health care learning environment Clinical Skills Centre, which started operations in August 2016, offering TAMK health care students and University of Tampere medicine students a shared clinical skills learning environment." Since Tampere3 is a unique concept, the first step for research departments is to get to know each other and prepare new projects with companies, public sector and related units.

Tarja Heinonen, Development Manager at TAMK (R&D and Innovation), is in charge of "New operation models for healthcare and social services", one of the university's strategic focus areas. She explains this new topic is present in their development projects and well integrated into the seminars.

– Our focus areas fit the themes of the workshops. Active and healthy ageing is very familiar to TAMK, with our constant aim being the extension of working life or developing new services and businesses in the ageing society. We want to discover how rehabilitees and physiotherapists can benefit from rehabilitation solutions and the cost effectiveness behind it.

The funding for these projects is mainly provided by the European Union, ESF (European Social Fund) and Kela, but Tekes (Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation) showed interest in the technology innovation and research side. This is extremely valuable for the cooperation between the three universities in Tampere, whose mutual interest is to create new research openings in the framework of Tampere3.

– The feedback we received so far was positive, and we welcome new researchers and participants to reach us if they are interested in giving a presentation. In particular, the challenge is how we combine and integrate end-users, working life and technology research to serve the healthcare industry.

Find more information about the upcoming seminars here:

Text: Andruta Ilie
Photo: Tiina Suvanto


Published 23.08.2017