Student feedback tells about esteem and topicality

Student feedback tells about esteem and topicality

In students' annual feedback two degree programmes rise above the others in esteem.

Tampere University of Applied Sciences offers more than 40 degree programmes. They are all developed based on student feedback. In students' annual feedback of 2017, two of TAMK's degree programmes rose above the others: Entrepreneurship and Team Leadership (conducted in Finnish) and Energy and Environmental Engineering (IDEE, conducted in English).

Despite their differences, both degree programmes strongly communicate future megatrends and global working life challenges. The degree programmes are based on a new learning concept which challenges students to use their know-how and influence. The degree programmes offer both cognitive and concrete means for extensive and versatile understanding. They try to make students take responsibility for their actions and what kind of future and world we want to build with our actions and choices. 

Entrepreneurship and Team Leadership – "This is a dream school"

The Degree Programme in Entrepreneurship and Team Leadership offers new kind of entrepreneurship education for future needs. The annual feedback of 2017 reveals that students are very satisfied with their degree programme. The reasons for the satisfaction are above all the coaching approach to teaching and the inspiring and innovative learning environment, Proakatemia. Its diversity offers an ideal place for learning.

Studying in Proakatemia is practical work in team enterprises. Students receive feedback on their work from the teams and real-life enterprises. According to the annual feedback, Proakatemia is a dream factory of knowledge and practice offering unique learning experiences. It challenges to pursue personal dreams with the support of the coaching and inspiring team and community but also calls for a certain personality and willingness to grow as an entrepreneur. The rest is up to the individual.

Energy and Environmental Engineering (IDEE)

The Degree Programme in Energy and Environmental Engineering or shortly IDEE educates future experts and environmental engineering professionals with an international orientation for industry and public administration. The career opportunities are diverse in environmental monitoring and maintenance projects of consulting firms, environmental management in the public sector, and in civic organisations.

The degree programme is also about individual choices as captured in a student feedback: "Inspiration and guidance for your future. It's not only about a job but about what you are going to be: where is your position in the future, finding your purpose in helping the environment."

In the annual feedback, the degree programme was praised for its topicality, quality of education, and expertise. Students also valued the diversity of the degree programme, which in combination with internationality prepares them to work in different tasks around the world. The optional professional studies consist of environmental engineering and consulting, energy technology and management, logistics and environment, as well as business management and entrepreneurship.

Text: Kristiina Engblom-Pelkkala


Published 29.03.2018