Rio 2016: TAMK's education expertise on view in Finland House

Rio 2016: TAMK's education expertise on view in Finland House

Finnish teacher education succeeds in Brazil. Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) presents its education in Finland House in Rio.

In the Rio Summer Olympics the focus is on presentation of Finnish education, in addition to the sports success. Finland House, which was opened at the Finnish Embassy in connection with the Olympic games, is a meeting place and showcase for Finnish expertise on 12-21 August.

TAMK has cooperated with the Brazilian Ministry of Education by educating Brazilian teachers in the VET Teachers for the Future programme. Now the education is presented for the interested on the spot. A group of Brazilian teachers are also in Finland House to tell about the programme and cooperation in their mother tongue Portuguese.

- We want to deepen the cooperation and tell about the degree education possibilities at the Finland House event, says Director Carita Prokki, who is in charge of TAMK's global education.

The Finnish education event lasts for three days on 17-19 August. The VET Teachers for the Future programme is presented every day.

VET Teachers for the Future programme:

The VET Teachers for the Future (Vocational Teacher Education) is an international programme designed for teachers of different fields. The education is for those who want to develop their pedagogical competence, learn new teaching methods, and use modern teaching tools. The programme offers the possibility to learn about the recognised Finnish education system and network with other professionals.

Further information: Director Carita Prokki, TAMK EDU, Extension Studies and Business Operations, tel. 040 733 5650,

Photo: Finland House in Rio, Facebook site

Published 12.12.2016