MEDAIA – Experimenting Open Innovation in the Media Field

MEDAIA – Experimenting Open Innovation in the Media FieldMEDAIA – Experimenting Open Innovation in the Media Field

Leena Mäkelä (ed.)

TAMK University of Applied Sciences

Series B. Reports 91

Tampere 2017

ISSN 1456-002X

ISBN 978-952-5903-99-7(PDF)

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The objective of the MEDAIA project was to develop open innovation in a media
business and urban innovation context. This was to be achieved by carrying out
13 small-scale pilot projects, i.e. experiments, that demonstrate new collaboration
models between universities, companies, the public sector and other organizations.

The publication consists of articles written by authors who participated in the MEDAIA
project. It introduces background studies conducted for the project and experiments
that were carried out by following agile methodologies. It also sheds
light on new media technologies - virtual and extended reality - that became important
application fields of the innovation activities.

MEDAIA project was coordinated by Tampere University of Applied Sciences
and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in partnership with Yle, the Finnish
Broadcasting Company. MEDAIA was granted by the Finnish national Six City
Strategy program and funded by the European Regional Development Fund

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