Path-breaking health care learning environment to be introduced in 2016

Path-breaking health care learning environment to be introduced in 2016

A unique health care learning environment is being built at the University of Tampere's Kauppi Campus next to Tampere University Hospital. 

The unique learning environment will be introduced in 2016. In future, medicine and health care students as well as health care professionals will practise their skills together. Students and professionals will have the possibility to learn multiprofessional teamwork and supervision. The student groups can practise for example resuscitation or suture in conditions which are as close to the real-life casualty department or operating theatre as possible. The facilities are being developed to a national health care education centre.
The cooperation partners are the University of Tampere's School of Medicine, Tampere University of Applied Sciences' School of Health Care, Pirkanmaa Hospital District, and Tampere University Hospital. 

Extension studies and further education will also be organised for the hospital district staff as well as paying customers in the same learning environment. Students and professionals can practise together.
Thanks to the cooperation, the new facilities will be better equipped than if the HEIs and hospital district invested in the equipment individually. 

The hospital and university area can be seen on the Kauppi Campus map.
Published 12.12.2016