Nursing student Katri Sajama to receive 2017 Queen Silvia Nursing Award

Nursing student Katri Sajama to receive 2017 Queen Silvia Nursing Award

Student Katri Sajama from Tampere University of Applied Sciences received the 2017 Queen Silvia Nursing Award.

The jury comprised of the award partner representatives considered Katri Sajama's idea of a friendly door alarm to combine empathy and technology in an innovative manner. The talking door alarm becomes activated when the door handle is turned and relaxes the elderly person with a familiar voice of for example a relative.

Katri Sajama is studying nursing at TAMK for the first year. She has also completed a partial upper secondary degree in wellbeing technology to complement her prior metal artisan degree. She does not describe herself as a wonder child in technology but above all a helper of other people.

Katri Sajama is the fourth Finnish student to receive the Queen Silvia Nursing Award and the second from Tampere University of Applied Sciences. In addition to the 6000-euro award, the award recipient has the possibility to get to know the operation of Queen Silvia Nursing Award partners in Finland, Sweden, Poland, and Germany.

The award is granted by Swedish Care International (SCI) in cooperation with its partners, of which Folkhälsan Välfärd is the main partner in Finland.

Information source: Swedish Care International, news on 23.12.2017: Katri Sajamalle myönnetään Queen Silvia Nursing Award 2017 (In Finnish)

Warm congratulations to Katri!

Published 28.12.2017