Nursing student Elias Kallio won Queen Silvia Nursing Award of 2015

Nursing student Elias Kallio won Queen Silvia Nursing Award of 2015

Tampere University of Applied Sciences' nursing student Elias Kallio was selected for Queen Silvia Nursing Award scholar of 2015 in Finland.

The award was granted for the second time in Finland to a nursing student with a fresh idea on development of elderly care.

Elias Kallio was awarded for his idea on an internet site to reduce elderly people's loneliness.

The jury consisting of cooperation partner representatives justified its unanimous decision as follows:

Elias' internet site connects elderly people, volunteers, service providers and others working with elderly people in a new way. The idea is through thought, realisable and has commercial potential. Elias is interested in working with elderly people and developing it and his competence, which makes him a good representative for the award and an excellent role model for other nursing students.

23-year-old Elias Kallio studies nursing at Tampere University of Applied Sciences and will graduate in spring 2016. Elias comes from Kempele and already became interested in nursing during the secondary school and plans to continue his studies in a university. Elias' aim is to affect nursing culture and in future he wants for example to develop elderly people's services or work with health care digitalisation issues.

The Queen Silvia Nursing Award was launched in Sweden to honour Queen Silvia's 70th birthday in 2013. The award aims at solving population ageing challenges by promoting new ideas and competence in elderly care and elderly people's services. A further aim is to increase appreciation of nursing education and nursing profession.

The award is granted annually to a nursing student in Finland and another in Sweden. The Finnish patron of the Queen Silvia Nursing Award is the second deputy speaker of the parliament Paula Risikko.

The Queen Silvia Nursing Award consists of 6000 euros and an individually planned six-month training period during which the scholar is familiarised with elderly care and elderly people's service issues in Finland as well as abroad.

The Queen Silvia Nursing Award is granted by Swedish Care International and its cooperation partners. In Finland the principal cooperation partner is Sopimusvuori Oy. Other cooperation partners are Folkhälsan Syd AB, Suomen Sairaanhoitajaliitto ry, Sjuksköterskeföreningen i Finland rf, Oy SCA Hygiene Products AB, Nordnet, and Viking Line. Innopinion Oy implemented the platform for sending ideas.

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Published 12.04.2016