My Life’s Adventure project invites children to adventures

My Life’s Adventure project invites children to adventures

My Life's Adventure project started at TAMK. It plans and implements adventures for child welfare children in Finland and Estonia.

The My Life's Adventure project started in a joyful atmosphere at TAMK on 12 September. In addition to TAMK's social services students, the event was attended by cooperation partners from Estonia, Latvia, and Finland.

– The My Life's Adventure FAD project aims at strengthening child welfare children's self-esteem and offering them positive experiences in different ways. We will for example implement an adventure pedagogical period for 9-14-year-old children this autumn and next spring in Tartu, tells Senior Lecturer and Project Manager Tapio Salomäki from TAMK.

A group of TAMK's social services students participates in the planning, implementation and evaluation together with the other partners.

– The project calls for tolerance of uncertainty and courage to work in risky situations from both the students and partners. And sense of humour and playfulness do no harm either, Salomäki continues.

During the project, the students gain valuable experience in working in the international environment with child welfare employees and children.

The Raide Child Welfare Unit from Akaa and Lauste Family Rehabilitation Unit from Turku participate in the project. KOTA from Turku, Tartu Child Refuge from Estonia, and Maarjamaa Hariduskolleegium from Kaagvere in Estonia work as project consultants. The evaluators are Riseba University from Riga and Victora Vocational Institute.

The Nordplus Horizontal project lasts for a year. It is supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Further information: Senior Lecturer Tapio Salomäki,

Photo: Participants playing "instruments", Tapio Salomäki in the middle.


Published 21.09.2017