Jenni Lax was graduate number 10,000

Jenni Lax was graduate number 10,000

TAMK's number of graduates crossed 10,000 at the end of September. Jenni Lax, who graduated from the Degree Programme in Business Administration, was positively surprised when hearing that she was the graduate number 10,000.

Lax told that she started her studies at Oulu University of Applied Sciences. From Oulu Lax originally transferred to TAMK's Ikaalinen campus. During the rest of her studies Lax studied in Tampere.

Lax told that her studies progressed quite nicely.

– I liked group works and large projects most. Our group had good team spirit and I am sure we will meet each other in the future, too. During my studies I was in student exchange in Thailand for six months. It was a great experience.

Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Pirkanmaa University of Applied Sciences merged on 1 January 2010. 

TAMK's number of graduates per year

2010: 1646
2011: 1682
2012: 1859
2013: 1890
2014: 1856
2015: 1069 (by 30.9.2015)

Group photo: Study Secretary Taru Karlsson-Laiho (left), Vice President Marja Sutela, Head of Degree Programme in Business Administration Milja Valtonen, Jenni Lax, Senior Lecturer Maija Haaramo, and Study Secretary Sirpa Nieminen.

Photos: Jaakko Saarilampi

Published 12.12.2016