Human Potential Unlimited: The new higher education community in Tampere unveils its visual branding and logo

Human Potential Unlimited: The new higher education community in Tampere unveils its visual branding and logo

The University of Tampere, Tampere University of Technology and Tampere University of Applied Sciences are joining forces to create a new multidisciplinary higher education community from the beginning of 2019 onwards. The new community's visual branding and logo have now been revealed.

- The members of our higher education community have actively contributed to the design process, and our new visual branding is therefore based on our common vision and goals. The visual branding and logo will be implemented from the beginning of next year, says Katja Kannonlahti, the project director of communications and marketing for the Tampere3 project.

The underlying premise of the new higher education community is the realisation that the problems faced by humanity have changed. A multidisciplinary approach will not only deliver more effective responses to global challenges but also open up new opportunities for science and its applications. Tampere's new higher education community will place a special emphasis on people and their ability to find the required answers: people are the key to unlock solutions for the future.

Humanity lies at the core of the new brand. The visual branding and slogan were developed by the brand and corporate identity design agency Porkka & Kuutsa Oy. The brand strategy was developed by Kaski Creative Agency Oy in collaboration with Porkka & Kuutsa Oy.

- The higher education community's logo features the letter ‘T' for Tampere, and the curves around it form a simplified version of the human face. It's an open face portrayed in bright light. It's open to new thinking, open to the challenges and opportunities of multidisciplinarity, say Antti Porkka and Jonni Kuutsa.

The logo is violet which is associated with imagination, creativity and intelligence. The brand is encapsulated by the slogan, "Human Potential Unlimited".

- The slogan illustrates not only people's ability to solve complex problems but also the importance and role of individuals in the process. With our world full of fake news and pseudoscience, the brand is a statement in favour of humanity and scientific knowledge, explains Kaski Creative Agency's Planning Director, Markus Lehtonen.

Different combinations of the names "Tampere University" and "Tampere University of Applied Sciences" may appear alongside the logo. The visual branding encompasses the logo and all the other visual components associated with the brand. It creates a uniform, consistent and recognisable image for the new higher education community.


- Katja Kannonlahti, project director of communications and marketing for Tampere3,
tel. +358 40 190 1329,
- Jonni Kuutsa, graphic designer and managing director,
tel. +358 40 5815335,
- Antti Porkka, graphic designer and partner of Porkka & Kuutsa Oy,
tel. +358 500 891 393,
- Markus Lehtonen, planning director of Kaski Creative Agency Oy, tel. +358 40 049 9986,

The University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology are merging to create the new, foundation-based Tampere University on 1 January 2019. Together with Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Tampere University will constitute a new higher education community with technology, health and society as its areas of priority. The community is made up of some 35,000 people.


Published 19.04.2018