Higher education and industry start cooperation in aviation technology education in Tampere Region

Higher education and industry start cooperation in aviation technology education in Tampere Region

Tampere University of Technology (TUT) and Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) will start cooperation to provide aviation technology education in both HEIs from autumn 2015. The new implementation model of the education will open a special study path which is something new and unique in the whole of Europe.

It will be possible to choose a study path of Aviation Technology in the bachelor's studies of mechanical engineering at TAMK and a module on aircraft system technology in the engineering master's studies at TUT.

TAMK is the only Finnish university of applied sciences offering the option of aviation technology. At TUT the module will be a new opening which does not compete with other Finnish universities. The higher education studies will be implemented in cooperation between TAMK, TUT and Patria Aviation Ltd, which is one of the leading providers of aircraft support services in Europe.

The new implementation model of the education will open a new and unique study possibility in Europe from upper secondary vocational education to a Master of Science in Technology and all the way to a Doctor of Science (Technology). In addition to TAMK and TUT, the Council of Tampere Region, Sastamala Municipal Education and Training Consortium Sasky, and Tampere Vocational College Tredu have participated in preparing the educational cooperation in the Tampere Region.

The education will use learning environments and teaching resources at different levels of education as well as the expertise of industrial professionals. This enables high quality and cost-effective education. The cooperation will considerably strengthen the profile of aviation technology at HEIs in Tampere.

-  A group of key Finnish aviation technology organisations are located in the Tampere Region and thus aviation technology is an important competence field here, tells Senior Lecturer and Doctor of Science (Technology) Antti Perttula from TAMK.

The aviation technology lectures will be joint for TAMK and TUT students. In other respects the studies at TAMK will be equivalent to the option Aviation Technology, which was offered a couple of years ago. The degree title of the study path is Bachelor of Engineering, as in the other study paths (Machine Automation, Product Development, Production Engineering, Intelligent Machines) of the Degree Programme in Mechanical Engineering. At TUT the advanced module will be a part of the degree of Master of Science in Technology.

Graduates are expected to find work in expert, development, research and management duties of the aviation technology field.

- The lecturers in charge will come from TAMK, TUT, and Patria Aviation, which ensures use of the best expertise in Finland. In addition to high quality education, it is important that talented students can apply the knowledge and skills in practice already during their study time. This becomes possible for example through Patria Aviation's AVI Trainee programme, tells Project Manager Jussi Aaltonen from TUT.

The upper secondary vocational institutions will participate in education arrangements. The learning environments and teachers of Tredu and Sasky will be used in connection with course-related laboratory assignments. Aviation students will be provided with a smooth path from one education level to another.

Further information:
Senior Lecturer Antti Perttula, TAMK,, tel. +358 50 464 4550
Project Manager Jussi Aaltonen, TUT,, tel. +358 40 849 0522


Published 12.12.2016