Cooperation between TAMK students and NASA began

Cooperation between TAMK students and NASA began

TAMK's students participate in the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA's Epic Challenge programme. The studies began with a video connection with an astronaut of NASA.

The programme attempts to solve the inhabitation of Mars. This week the students listened to remote lectures given by NASA Astronaut Charles Camarda. He told about Mars inhabitation challenges, space flights in general, repair of spacecraft in space, and NASA's product development processes.

During the lectures, students had the possibility to present questions to the astronaut.

– And the students made plenty of questions indeed. After the video connection we did exercises to deepen our learning and group the participants. The focus is especially on the importance of prototypes and their testing, tells Senior Lecturer Antti Perttula from TAMK's Degree Programme in Mechanical Engineering, who leads the project.

Another project supervisor is Lecturer Tomi Salo from the Degree Programme in Electrical Engineering.

During the academic year 2016–2017 TAMK students will solve extreme challenges related to the inhabitation of Mars and at the same time learn to use NASA's innovation processes and methods.

– The students come from different fields of study, such as Entrepreneurship, Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and ICT Engineering, tells Perttula.

Further information: Senior Lecturer Antti Perttula,, tel. 050 464 4550

Photos: Video connection with NASA under way
Students practising teamwork

Photos by Saara Lehtonen

Published 13.09.2016