Application to degree programmes in English is on

Application to degree programmes in English is on

The 2019 degree offer at Tampere University of Applied Sciences includes altogether nine degree programmes which commence in August 2019. Five of these degrees are on the Bachelor level and four on the Master level. Application period for Bachelor's degrees is open 9-23 January 2019. Application period for Master's degrees is open 4 December 2018 - 23 January 2019.

Photo: Saara Lehtonen
Photo: Saara Lehtonen

In addition to fully English medium degree programmes in business, media and engineering, we also offer a Bachelor's degree in nursing and health care. This degree is aimed at international talent already in Finland as well as Finns aiming for an international career. Although the programme is offered in English, applicants must have a command of the Finnish language. This is because of the strong practical approach, which requires students to be able to interact with patients in the field from the start.

TAMK has widened its array of selection methods to include both domestic and international entrance exams, latter of which are offered in collaboration with the Finnips network ( Media offers a fully online selection process where business and engineering degrees are adding a small pilot in SAT test intakes for the first time.

Bachelor's degrees:

Environmental Engineering, 34 study places available
International Business, 60 study places available
Media and Arts, 48 study places available
Nursing, 25 study places available
Software Engineering, 35 study places available

Application period for Master's degrees continues until 23 January 2019

Master's degrees at TAMK are mid-career degrees open to professionals who have a Bachelor level degree and three years of work experience in the field after graduation. It is possible to complete a Master's degree while continuing to work. This year our offer includes a new Master's programme in Emerging Media, where students can experiment with emerging media, arts and various design approaches and explore how arts and content creation are related to new technologies, such as extended reality (XR) and machine learning.

Master's degrees:

Educational Leadership, 20 study places available
Emerging Media, 15 study places available
International Business Management, 25 study places available
Screenwriting¸ 10 study places available

Information on all programmes and application instructions can be found on our website and in the Studyinfo service at

Published 09.01.2019