Tidbits of Teacher Training

Tidbits of Teacher Training

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Language of instruction: English

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This is an open self-study course. You can start this anytime you wish and choose to do one or two credits.


The course is designed to be completed by blog writings. The course blog is public, which means anybody can read it. You can either write with your own name or you can use a nickname. However, to be able to write in the blog you need to have a google account and you need to fill in the registration form here to receive an invitation to post.

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Target group

This online course is open to everyone.


Maybe you're teaching in English already and are interested in receiving the formal qualification as well, or  you are just planning a teaching career, or are interested in pedagogy for some other reason. This is a great place to learn to know other like-minded people and brush up your English at the same time.

Taking this introductory course will give you two credits as well as 0,5 extra admission points when you apply for teacher education at TAMK. The two credits will also be accredited to you when you are accepted and start your studies with us.


Further information

Additional information: Emma Roinila, emma.roinila(at)tamk.fi, tel. +358 40 801 6069
Updated 20.10.2017

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