There's a lot more to student life at TAMK than just cramming! TAMK utilises a variety of methods for teaching and learning.

Your work as a TAMK student may involve e.g. attending lectures, on-line studying, independent study and various forms of group work.  In the course of your studies, you will also try out your wings in the great world of work, carrying out real tasks for genuine employers.

Authentic work environments

A significant part of your studies will be carried out in authentic work environments - as project work, a commission for a final thesis, and practical training periods of several months' duration.  The direct contacts that you will make with companies and other organizations will give you a realistic insight into the demands of the professional field that you are entering, and concrete experience of worklife norms and practices.    

Collaboration with working life is also possible through applied research and development (R&D) projects.  By participating in R&D projects, you will develop your professional competence and make valuable contacts.  TAMK, too, benefits from R&D projects; the knowledge gained from this close engagement with innovative organizations feeds straight back into improved course contents for students.

Modern study facilities

All TAMK campuses have modern study facilities.  Our versatile learning environments support learning in different study phases: we have well-equipped laboratories, studios, auditoriums, IT classrooms, and facilities for group work and self-study. And our knowledgeable and approachable teachers are always at hand.   

Curricula are up-to-date

TAMK ensures that the education it provides is as up-to-date as possible by getting input from multi-lateral advisory boards.  These advisory boards have members from all sectors of working life, and thus provide a deep well of information about the current situation and future employment and development needs of businesses and other organizations.  This information is invaluable input for developing curricula and planning courses.