The strength tests offered by Tampere University of Applied Sciences are suitable for dynamic and static testing of different materials, such as composites and metals.

Guarantee for even quality and safety

Successful quality and production process monitoring as well as development of new materials require exact information on the resistance of items and materials.

Material fatigue and overload are common causes for damages in supporting structures and mechanical machines and equipment and related accidents.

The fastest and most reliable way to determine the carrying capacity of structures is a load test. With our load and stress tests the service life of items and materials can be determined in a reliable and exact manner.

The tests confirm the structural design loads and provide detailed information on the dependencies between loads and strength parameters.

Diverse measurements

Tampere University of Applied Sciences' Matertest equipment is suitable for the following item and material tests:

  • static pulling, pressure, bending and cutting
  • dynamic pulling and pressure
  • slow fatigue tests
  • load simulations
  • individual test arrangements for components and structures

Technical information

  • Static loading: ± 250 kN
  • Dynamic loading: ± 125 kN
  • Dynamic frequency of loading: 10 … 25 Hz*
  • Maximum dimensions of items:
  • Attachment 1… 15 mm x 50 mm or ø 6… 18 mm
  • Length: 900 mm
  • Measures limiting the structural size:
  • Bench size: 1000 mm x 2000 mm
  • Distance between the frame pillars: 800 mm

*To be determined in a case-specific manner

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