TAMK's School of Vocational Teacher Education operates at the national level, developing vocational education. Our focus areas are vocational teacher education, vocational special-needs teacher education, vocational study counsellor education, leading and participating in projects, and conducting research. Our themes of interest include development of learning environments and curricula, inclusive vocational education, mentoring and coaching, as well as the use of digital environments for teaching and guidance.

Our focus areas

  • Vocational education, higher education, and related development
  • Vocational special-needs education and inclusive vocational education
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Learning environments
  • Networking competence

Our educational provision

  • Vocational teacher education in Finnish and English
  • Vocational special-needs teacher education
  • Vocational study counsellor education
  • Education of specialists in competence-based qualifications
  • Extension studies for vocational education professionals and future teachers
  • Pedagogical extension studies for organizations

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