External audit

An audit is an independent and systematic external evaluation. Finnish higher education institutions have a statutory obligation to participate regularly in external audits of their operations.  The audit assesses if the higher education institution's quality system is fit for purpose and functional, and if it complies with the set criteria. The audit examines the procedures used by the higher education institution to maintain and develop the quality of its operations.  (Source: Finnish Education Evaluation Centre)

Tampere University of Applied Sciences was audited in autumn 2015:
Audit of Tampere University of Applied Sciences (2016)

Previous audit reports (only in Finnish):

Internal evaluation and development

The functionality of TAMK's quality system is evaluated continuously. In particular, the members of the Working Group on Quality Management evaluate the functionality of their own area of responsibility.

In addition to continuous evaluation, TAMK carries out an extensive internal evaluation of its quality management, operation and practices every three years. The evaluation criteria are those used by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre.