The right to complete one credit costs 15 €. The course-specific fees can be found in the list of courses offered by the Open UAS. 


You can register for degree-level courses at the Open UAS even if you don't have the formal prerequisites which are required of degree students (a general upper-secondary school diploma or a vocational upper-secondary qualification).  However, successful completion of Open UAS studies does require a similar level of skill to that provided by upper-secondary education, acquired, for example, through work experience.

Without prior upper-secondary education or equivalent skill level acquired in other ways, the mathematics or language studies may prove to be challenging. Studies conducted in Finnish require good oral and written skills in Finnish; those conducted in English require similar communicative competence in English.

Computer skills are essential for UAS studies. Studying also requires a high level of personal initiative, and active participation in the study process.

Course workload

You can assess the workload of a course based on its credit value, i.e. the number of credits students get on completion of the course.  The credit value is given in the course description. One credit means on average 27 hours of student work.

Planning of studies

Descriptions of all the studies available through the Open UAS  can be found in the educational provision section. You can read about other TAMK studies in the online study guide.

If you want some guidance in matters concerning planning of open studies, you can contact the staff of the Open UAS. Also TAMK's student counsellors, teachers and heads of degree programmes can give you more detailed information about course content.

Assessment methods

The teacher of the course decides on the assessment methods to be used on the course. The grade for the course may be based  on a combination of factors; examples include independent or group assignments, presentations, examinations, and learning diaries. 


If the course includes an examination, the examination will be held on the date set by the teacher. If you fail the exam, you can retake it twice.  If you pass the exam, but are not content with the grade, you can retake it once to try to get a higher grade.  Normally, retakes are done on a general examination day.  To take an exam on a general examination day, you have to enrol for it by email at uusintatentit@tamk.fi. The dates of the general examination days can be found in the study guide.


TAMK degree regulations are followed in course assessment. Most courses are graded on a scale of 0 (fail) to 5.  Some courses are assessed on a Pass / Fail basis; the pass grade shows as S in the student's transcript of records.


For Open UAS students, a transcript of records is sent by mail to their home address; the transcript shows the courses they have passed, the final grade for each course, and the number of credits earned . Degree students can see the same information in the student administration system, WinhaWille.

Academic calendar

Study periods

TAMK's academic year is divided into four study periods. In the academic year 2015-2016 the periods are scheduled as follows:

1st period 1 Aug – 18 Oct 2015
2nd period 19 Oct – 31 Dec 2015
3rd period 1 Jan – 7 Mar 2016
4th period 8 Mar – 31 Jul 2016

Most courses begin at the turn of August-September or in January, but some courses commence at the beginning of the second and fourth periods. Face-to-face teaching sessions may go on until the first week of June at the latest, but on most courses, teaching finishes by the end of May.  


General examination dates

You can find the retake examination dates in the study guide.

Open UAS students enrol for retake examinations by email uusintatentit@tamk.fi

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question? Please see the section on frequently asked questions.