Tampere University of Applied Sciences has kept its place as the most popular Finnish university of applied sciences for many years. Why is that?

Ask different people and you will get different answers - that's how many reasons there are!  In annual surveys of TAMK's operations, both students and representatives of working life give TAMK favourable scores.

Its most frequently cited strengths? TAMK has a good reputation among students; its fields of study are interesting: its graduates are in demand on the job market - not to mention the charm of the city itself.

Survey results show that among Finns under 30, TAMK ranks in the top three as their choice for higher education studies. Application statistics confirm that TAMK is on of the most attractive universities in Finland. The downside is that out of every five applicants who put TAMK in first place on their joint application form only one can be admitted.

TAMK is also highly respected in all sectors of working life - both as a successful educator of bright new professionals, and as a valued partner in many forms of collaboration. Particularly in the Tampere region, TAMK is a well-known and trusted brand. Contacting TAMK is easy; over the years, relationships have been formed and maintained with many branches of business, industry and the public sector.


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