Employment service Jobstep.net

The free employment service Jobstep.net. is an excellent tool for employers who are looking for recruits.  The job seekers are students or recent graduates of all the Finnish universities of applied sciences. Recent graduates can use Jobstep.net for a year after graduation.

Employers can use the Jobstep service to advertise training places, summer jobs, projects, proposals for thesis topics, as well as part-time and full-time jobs. The advertisements can be directed at TAMK students specifically, or at students from all universities of applied sciences in Finland.

When, as an employer, you visit the Jobstep site for the first time, the system will request you to register with the site.  Thereafter you can log in with your user name and password. On the site, you can post job advertisements and edit them later; you can also search the CV bank for suitable employees for your organization.

Offer a job, thesis or training place

Jobstep.net is a free employment service for Finnish universities of applied sciences. Employers can submit their job advertisements and students can post open applications for jobs there. Individual job advertisements can also be posted on the Jobstep website just by filling in TAMKrekry's form, without registration.


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