TAMK has about 300 exchange students and 400 foreign degree students every year. Almost all European countries are represented. In addition, many students come from Asia and Central and South America, and some from Africa. Foreign students study in our English-medium degree programmes.

Our international students are available to help companies and organizations through projects, practical training, and part-time work.  These students are experts on their own country, and can help your company in many ways, for example by providing information on the operational environment and business culture of their country, conducting market surveys, and making their contacts available to your business. They can even do their final thesis for your company.

Offer a job, thesis or training place

Jobstep.net is a free employment service for Finnish universities of applied sciences. Employers can submit their job advertisements and students can post open applications for jobs there. Individual job advertisements can also be posted on the Jobstep website just by filling in TAMKrekry's form, without registration.


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