The Spring Awakening musical

Cultural Event

The Spring Awakening musical The Spring Awakening musical

Date: 24.02.2017 - 24.03.2017

Place: TTT-Theatre

In the performance at the TTT-Theatre, students of musical theatre at TAMK are in charge of the interpretations.

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The musical Spring Awakening is just as topical now as it was ten years ago on Broadway in New York – or in 1891, when the German play ‘Frühlings Erwachen', on which the musical is based, was completed. It spoke in an unprecedentedly straightforward way of young people struggling with their sexuality and growing up.

The musical version became one of the most important works of musical theatre of the 2000s. It has only been seen once in Finland.

The music of Spring Awakening has an unusually youthful sound, thanks to its use of the language of modern pop music. For example, alternative rock, soul and power ballads form an extremely compelling whole. The young people themselves are responsible for the believable interpretations; they are students of musical theatre at TAMK with experience from many performances. The performance has been directed by Samuel Harjanne, who is also known internationally.

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Published 30.03.2017