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Finland is different, and Finns are quirky. As there are so few of us, we can't afford to leave anyone behind. That's why we have the best education system in the world. You can join our community of 10 000 at TAMK and carve your own path to success. In the most functional country in the world, you will be supported in handling the practical aspects of study life from lightning fast wifi to free libraries. Studying at TAMK is not just about official studies. It's a unique around the clock experience that will change you. Usually for the better.

Greetings from Social Counsellor

"Hello international students! Coming to Finland brings many challenges into your life. We have many ways to help you." Mirja Onduso is a social counsellor dedicated to assist students from abroad with any and all issues while at TAMK.

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Social Counsellor Mirja Onduso
Why TAMK and Finland?

Why TAMK and Finland?

Land of fascinating contrasts: Finland, the land of peace and quiet, lakes and forests, midnight sun and winter darkness, hot sauna and ice-cold ice swimming.

High quality education: In international rankings of education systems, the Finnish system is TOP of the class!

A popular UAS in a great city: Tampere is the most attractive city in Finland for students, and TAMK has kept its place as the most popular Finnish university of applied sciences for many years.

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