With a basic partnership, your organization can commission students to do many kinds of work. The commissions are carried out as part of their studies, and may take the form of project studies or a final thesis, for example. You can also provide practical training placements for students.

A basic partnership gives you experience of cooperating with TAMK. The cooperation can later be deepened into a multidisciplinary and extensive advanced partnership.

Relationship managers

If you are interested in forming a basic partnership with TAMK, please contact the relationship manager in the appropriate School.

  • Tarja Tittonen, School of Wellbeing and Social Services
  • Antti Klaavu, School of Business and Services
  • Eero Nippala, School of Construction and Electrical Engineering
  • Ari Koivumäki, School of Art, Music and Media
  • Hannu Kivilinna, School of Industrial Engineering
  • Tutta Tanttari, School of Health Care