Is your aim to work as a professional in your home country or have an international career? TAMK's English-medium bachelor's degree programmes provide a good practical basis for both. On these programmes, the language of teaching and learning is English. You develop your professional competence together with students from all over the world.

The English bachelor's degree studies take place in an international environment, as about half of the students are Finns and the other half represent several different nationalities. Further internationality is given by the fact that some courses are implemented in collaboration with our foreign partner universities. In some degree programmes, it is obligatory to spend a semester abroad.

Bachelor's degrees awarded by TAMK are 210 or 240 credits in scope and consist of 3,5 - 4 years of full-time study. Each programme includes a mandatory period of practical training worth 30 credits.

We offer English-medium degree programmes in four fields of study: culture, nursing, technology and business.

Programmes in English

Application period to the English bachelor's degree programmes is in December - January. The studies begin in August / September of the same year.

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