It is possible to use the 3D printer of our mechanical laboratory for a variety of business cooperation projects. It is possible to produce items with the 3D printer using the most common plastic printing technique (FDM) based on a 3D CAD model.

Fast for diverse purposes

The 3D printing service has a wide range of applications in product design, development and production, and sales. The printer can be used for printing an exact model item to demonstrate the form, functionality and proportions of the product.

The model item can be used to shorten the production process, avoid design errors, and verify compatibility. It can also be used as support for sales and marketing.

Strasys Elite 3D printer

  • the largest possible size of the printed item 203 x 203 x 305 mm
  • the smallest possible wall thickness 0,178mm
  • the material is ABS plastic (the tensile strength is 37 MPa and break stretch 3 %)
  • the printed items are of one colour (e.g. white, blue, yellow or red)
  • printing from the STL (STereoLitography)  file format, which is supported by most CAD programs

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