Towards a smarter higher education community

Towards a smarter higher education community

New collaborative undertakings within the Tampere3 community are promoted at the international Dare to Learn event taking place in Helsinki on 5-6 September. A part of the programme is a Tampere3 workshop organized by the Smart Campus Innovation Lab (SCIL).

SCIL's summer projects were a collaborative effort among students from different disciplines and 13 nationalities.
SCIL's summer projects were a collaborative effort among students from different disciplines and 13 nationalities.

The centenary of Finland's independence coincides with the first-ever Dare to Learn event, which brings together some 3,000 learning enthusiasts from different fields. Dare to Learn challenges the audience to share their wildest ideas and visions in a supportive environment and join forces to take the ideas further.

The Smart Campus Innovation Lab (SCIL) is hosting the Tampere3 workshop to identify and address shared challenges.

"We're focusing on digitization and digitalization in the context of higher education. We wanted to keep the theme loosely defined at this stage. Although the schedule of the two-hour workshop is tight, we're confident that with the help of professional facilitators we'll get where we need to be," says Director Ilkka Haukijärvi from Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

"The results will be used as a starting point for launching a collaborative project among all the higher education institutions attending the workshop," Haukijärvi adds.

Haukijärvi expects the workshop to promote the visibility of Tampere3 and highlight the community spirit behind it. In addition, he welcomes new opportunities for collaboration with other stakeholders participating in the workshop.

Multidisciplinary challenges tackled in collaboration

The SCIL network is an internal innovation ecosystem and an open-source development community made up of professionals from the Tampere3 higher education institutions. SCIL provides a platform for students, teachers, researchers and the broader society to come together to address interdisciplinary challenges. The solutions promote the ‘smart university' development of the entire higher education consortium and contribute to student learning.

"For students, SCIL offers a supportive, multicultural and dynamic environment for carrying out relevant projects as part of their studies. One of SCIL's goals is to operationalize concepts such as flexible pathways to learning and degrees, credit for workplace learning, and competency-based education."

The idea to establish SCIL emerged in spring 2016. The network currently comprises 20 teachers, researchers and other professionals from the Tampere3 institutions. SCIL is happy to welcome new members.

Results of students' summer projects showcased on 24 August

SCIL organizes an end-of-project seminar on the main campus of Tampere University of Applied Sciences on 24 August at 12:30-16:00. Students will present the results of their summer projects as well as reflect on their learning and their experiences of working with SCIL.

Nine projects involving close to 30 students from the Tampere3 institutions were conducted during the summer. The projects were a collaborative effort among students from different disciplines and nationalities.

"The summer projects mark an important milestone for the newly established SCIL network. The projects have produced new knowledge and competence, demos, proposals for new operational models and tools, and digital content for different stakeholders. It's also valuable that the projects have enabled students to experience success and build new contacts," says Ilkka Haukijärvi.

Haukijärvi encourages everyone interested in learning, student-centred education or SCIL in general to attend the seminar.

The seminar is held in English. It is free of charge and open to all. Please register by emailing

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Text: Sara Riihimäki
Photo: Daria Simkina

Published 18.08.2017