Test Chamber Mediapolis breaks down barriers and searches for new hits

Test Chamber Mediapolis breaks down barriers and searches for new hits

The Mediapolis campus students of Tampere University of Applied Sciences have created something completely new this spring.

A multimedia publication platform called Test Chamber Mediapolis was developed in the depths of Mediapolis, a competence centre of TAMK, Yle, and creative industry enterprises. It offers TAMK students' open-minded and courageous programme ideas and contents for everyone to view and comment. The platform was designed for the present-day media field where the regularities of the traditional TV and film world do not apply.

Test Chamber Mediapolis (TCMP) originated from a recognised need. Some viewers do not find the traditional programmes interesting and the numerous internet-based success stories had not come true through format development. Production quality or long-term contents development do not always guarantee whether the programme is found good or interesting. Any programme can become a hit in the blink of an eye. Uniqueness and genuineness are enough.

The publication platform is now ready for students' mad ideas. At the moment, the platform includes the website, Youtube channel, Facebook, and Instagram. The demos can be produced with a mobile phone, helmet camera, CCTV camera, or anything else that can be used for filming and recording. If the demo is at the idea stage, it can be produced by the channel administrator, the student cooperative MediataideM.

Contact information:            
Facebook: testchamber7
Instagram: testchamber7

On the photo: Members of the MediataideM cooperative. From the left Elmo Pikkupeura, Eveliina Liias, Jaakko Väisänen, and Jonna Ronko, in the foreground Eeva Oksanen and Joni Laakso.

Photo: Tiia Palola


Published 12.12.2016