Tampere3: Mari Walls takes up her position as President of Tampere University

Tampere3: Mari Walls takes up her position as President of Tampere University

PhD Mari Walls, who was selected as President of the new Tampere University in April, takes up her appointment on Monday, 13 August.

Mari Walls joins the new Tampere University from her previous position as President and CEO of LUKE Natural Resources Institute Finland, the second-largest research institute in the country. Before joining LUKE, Walls has worked, for example, as the Director of the Marine Research Centre in the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, as Professor of Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences at the University of Turku, and as Programme Director at the Academy of Finland.

Walls's office will initially be located close to the management of the Tampere3 project in the Main Building of the University of Tampere. Offices will be set up for Walls on all the three campuses. 

"As President, my intention is to have a strong presence on all the Tampere3 campuses. The building of our new community is a collaborative effort between all the members of the higher education community. I'm very pleased that the preparations have been so thoroughly conducted and therefore provide an excellent starting point for continuing the work this autumn," says President Mari Walls. 

Towards the end of last spring and throughout the summer, Walls has met numerous stakeholders of the Tampere3 project and the new Tampere University and participated in the appointment processes of the provost, vice presidents and deans.   

During her first few days in office, Walls will meet, among others, the members of the Academic Board, the chief and local union representatives, and representatives of the student organisations. As soon as her schedule allows, she will also meet the heads of Centres of Excellence in Research.

"With Mari Walls taking up her position today, we've reached an important milestone in the launch of our new higher education community's operations. On behalf of the Board, I would like to extend a warm welcome to President Walls," says Marja Makarow, Chair of the Transitional Board of the new Tampere University.


Published 13.08.2018