Tampere University of Applied Sciences starts cooperation procedure

Tampere University of Applied Sciences starts cooperation procedure

New funding model challenges to develop operations.

Tampere University of Applied Sciences prepares to adjust its operations in accordance with the Finnish Government's budget proposal. Total funding for universities of applied sciences will decrease by 3.7 percent from the level of 2015 in 2016. In addition, according to the plans there will be no index increases in 2016-2019. Considering the income decrease, TAMK has to cut its expenses with over 3 million euros in the budget of 2016.

The cooperation procedure concerning the whole staff will begin on 9 October 2015. The staff effects of the beginning cooperation procedure are estimated to be a maximum of 55 person-years. The deductions will be implemented through shifting to part-time work, temporary lay-offs or redundancies in 2016. Alternative measures will be worked on to minimize the staff effects. In addition to staff expenses, TAMK's other expenses will be considered with the aim to reduce them permanently.

According to President Markku Lahtinen, target-oriented development of TAMK will continue alongside the adjustments.

- The Ministry of Education and Culture has advised TAMK as well as other universities of applied sciences to consider structural development measures which keep the operational quality at a good level as the funding, working life and society undergo changes. TAMK's special aim is to invest in research, development and innovation and paid education in the years to come. We also aim at competitive strength and operational diversity through the close cooperation in the Tampere3 process, Lahtinen says.

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Published 12.12.2016