TAMKjournal – more than 100 articles already

TAMKjournal – more than 100 articles already

TAMKjournal, which was established in 2015, offers an overview on TAMK's research, development and innovation activities. Education is another key theme of the online magazine.

Senior Lectures Shaidul Lazi and Mirva Kolonen. Photo. Anna Vättö
Senior Lectures Shaidul Lazi and Mirva Kolonen. Photo. Anna Vättö

So far 104 articles have been published on TAMKjournal. TAMKjournal offers two online magazines in one: one in Finnish and the other in English. Both magazines have their own contents. The authors are TAMK staff members, students, interest group members, and development project partners. New articles are continuously added to the magazine.

TAMKjournal's most read articles are Senior Lecturer Mirva Kolonen's and Senior Lecturer Paula Kivelä's article on how organisational citizenship behaviour creates occupational wellbeing and Principal Lecturer Annukka Tapani's article on winds of change in teacherhood. (these articles are in Finnish)

The most read English article is Shaidul Kazi's Dealing with Cultural Differences in International Business.

– I have shared my TAMKjournal articles in my networks, especially in social media. I am also happy to tell about my articles to students in case they might benefit from the articles in their learning assignments, tells Shaidul Kazi, who teaches in the Degree Programme in International Business.

Senior Lecturer Mirva Kolonen's and Paula Kivelä's article on organisational citizenship behaviour originated from their personal experiences of teaching managerial work. They both also had prior work experience in relation to the topic.

– Feedback from readers encourages to continue writing articles in future. I am delighted with TAMK offering support and encouragement for writing and publication. I am not in social media but I have many other networks and cooperation partners. We also discuss publications with students, Mirva Kolonen tells.

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In the photo: Shaidul Kazi and Mirva Kolonen
Photo: Anna Vättö

Published 25.10.2017