TAMK’s degree certificates turn digital

TAMK’s degree certificates turn digital

Tampere University of Applied Sciences' degree certificates have turned digital. From June 2017 bachelor's and master's degree graduates have received a new kind of degree certificate.

Earlier degree certificates were printed, signed, stamped and filed manually, but now all this takes place digitally. Authenticity is ensured by means of paper qualities: the original degree certificate has an embossed stamp and watermark and its supplements have a silver logo and watermark. The certificate folder now has a uniform visual appearance.

Approximately 2,000 students graduate from Tampere University of Applied Sciences annually. The certificate process involves tens of thousands of checking, approval, signing, printing and filing events annually. The new automatic process balances the workload and helps in avoiding human errors.

After this first phase, the new certificate practice will be extended to TAMK's other education, such as extension studies and professional teacher education.


Published 20.08.2018